sdr paintless dent removal costs

Paintless dent removal PDR is a cost effective way of repairing annoying dents, SDR can fix dents from as little as $80 (+GST), and not only that, some small dents can be fixed within the hour.

Taking your car to a panel shop for a small to medium sized dent repair, could notĀ  only be expensive, it could also be very inconvenient as you would be without your car for the time of the repair.
Paintless dent removal is an alternative to traditional methods, we don’t do any sanding, filling or respraying which is why our repairs are faster, cheaper and in most cases, more convenient, as they can be done at your homeĀ  or workplace.

SDR don’t use any chemicals in their repairs, so not only is it good on your hip pocket it’s also good on the environment too.

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